• Crimps every hose and coupling in Gates hydraulic catalog,
  • 2” 6 wire Hydraulic Hose capability.
  • 3” 4 wire Hydraulic Hose capability.
  • Twice as fast as Gates Omni Crimp 21 crimper & PC 3000B, which the GC32-XD is replacing.
  • Patented Quick change tool enables fast loading and unloading of color coded, dies with clover leaf structure and comes with a foot pedal.
  • Provides higher crimping forces of 480 tons with less distortion.
  • Heads are disposable. – Change-over.
  • Accepts electrical inputs from 208volts to 260 volts, single phase.
  • All parts are plug and play , easy to install.

Based on customer requirements we can arrange for supply of Gates and Uniflex branded crimping machines

Indflex Hose Crimping Solutions: Revolutionizing Hydraulic Systems In the dynamic world of hydraulic systems, hose crimping plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal performance and safety. At Indflex, we bring innovation and precision to the forefront with our cutting-edge hose crimping solutions.We use Gates and Uniflex branded hydraulic crimping machines at our both units so that the quality of assemblies are never compromised

Understanding Hose Crimping
Hose crimping is the process of securing a fitting onto a hose by compressing it with a crimping machine. This ensures a tight seal, preventing leaks and enhancing the efficiency of hydraulic systems.

Benefits of Indflex Hose Crimping

  1. Precision: Our advanced hose crimping technology ensures precise and consistent crimps, reducing the risk of failure

  2. Durability: Indflex crimped hoses withstand high pressure and extreme conditions, offering unparalleled durability

  3. Versatility: From industrial machinery to automotive applications, our hose crimping solutions cater to diverse needs

  4. Cost-efficiency: Minimize downtime and maintenance costs with reliable hose crimping solutions from Indflex
IndflexHose Crimping Products

At Indflex, we offer a comprehensive range of hose crimping products tailored to meet the demands of various industries:
Hydraulic Hose Crimpers
Our hydraulic hose crimpers are engineered for precision and efficiency. Featuring intuitive controls and robust construction, they ensure flawless crimps every time.

Why Choose Indflex?

  1. Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control measures ensure that every Indflex crimped hose meets international standards.

  2. Expert Support: Our team of experienced engineers provides technical assistance and guidance to help you find the perfect hose crimping solution.

  3. Innovation: Constant research and development drive innovation, keeping Indflex at the forefront of hose crimping technology.

MaxFlex is your trusted partner for superior hose crimping solutions. Whether you're looking for precision, durability, or versatility, we have you covered. Experience the Indflex difference and elevate your hydraulic systems to new heights of performance and reliability.