The hose with steel wire screwing inlaid in the body is light, transparent. It can be small bending radius. It has good ability of minus pressure resistance and hard weather conditions. With colourful symbol lines on the surface, the hose can be more beautiful.


The hose is widely used for drawing and conveying water, oil and powder in the industrial factories. It can be used for agricultural and gardening irrigation works. Besides, the hose can be used for sanitation and foodstuff. The hose used for foodstuff is made of special materials. It is non-toxic, light, transparent and without odour. This hose can be used for conveying milk, beverage, distilled liquid, beer, jam and other foods.


We can also insert the copper wire into the hose. This hose can avoid the block of the flow in the hose due to the static. And the hose can protect the user from getting electric shock or electric current impingement.

Working Temperature

The working temperature ranges from - 5 deg * C to 65 deg * C


The products are wrapped by plastic woven cloth and be fixed with ropes or packing straps. Detailed packing can be according to your requirement.