Air & Pneumatic Hose Pipe


Introduction to Nylon Braided PVC Hose
Real On Air & Pneumatic hose is constructed with a nylon braided PVC hose design, providing durability and flexibility for a wide range of applications. The hose is reinforced with high tenacity yarn to meet the pressure requirements for various applications, including general construction work, road building, tunneling in metallic and non-metallic ore mines, structural shops with chipping, grinding, and revetting applications, service stations for tyre inflation, pneumatic tools use in industries, and heavy-duty suction and delivery of water and chemicals.

Water Hose pipe Green


CONSTRUCTON & APPLICATIONS :RealOn water hose is recommended for general water supply in Gardening, Steel Mills, Engineering works, Construction purpose, Irrigation projects and wide range of allied application. It is flexible, light in weight, also split proof compared to typical rubber tubes.

Super spray hose pipe Yellow


CONSTRUCTON & APPLICATIONS :RealOn Super-Spray hose is suitable for high pressure spraying of water based chemicals, insecticides, fungicides, weeding etc. In plantation orchards forestry, parks, vineyards, maintenance and similar agricultural application involving spraying by hands or power driven pumps.

PVC Flexible Oil Hose Blue


CONSTRUCTON & APPLICATIONS :RealOn PVC OIL Hose is secured by proper placement of hard spiral of rigid PVC in the soft wall which imparts strength as well as required flexibility to the entire hose length. It is recommended for conveying Diesel fuels, kerosene, liquid petroleum products, lubricating oil, mineral, oils, light oils, transformer etc.


Flexibility :Specially designed to have greater flexibility than rubber, hose can be bend as desired in practical uses. It has unique properties of flexibility which is maintained throughout its long duration.Resistant to oil and other chemicals : Our hose is made from special Oil resistant PVC compound that’s why it is preferred by quality conscious customers.

Ageing : Unlike rubber hoses it will not be cracked nor aged and hence, our oil hoses are durable for a very long period and proves economical.

Resistance to absolute vacuum :This proves the exact suitability for suction & delivery applications.

Easy to handle :Our oil hose is unbelievably lighter in weight then compared to the commercial Rubber products which make the handling much easier.

Quite tough :Tough to resist distortion under impact & crush loads during service.

High flow rate : Smooth inside surface results in quick conveyance of fluids. This means minimum friction loss saves higher energy and gives high flow rate.